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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Vehicle Damage Assessor - day 3

2 vehicle assessments completed, marked and feedback received. Why can’t vehicle manufacturers work together to give consistent data and information?
Most vehicles that have Curtain Air Bags fitted have a symbol on either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ pillar, Renault put them on the headlining above the rear passenger head restraints!

Accurate vehicle data capture and damage assessment is of paramount importance, is the vehicle equipped with airbags and supplementary restraint systems? How many and have been deployed?
Again, inconsistencies between the manufacturers mean that SRS Control Systems are treated differently; some ECU’s will work through numerous airbag deployments whereas others have to be replaced after every accident and airbag deployment.

The Motor Insurance Repair and Research Centre, otherwise known as Thatcham, is able to provide most of this information. Over the years Thatcham have crash tested, repaired, stripped out, and rebuilt hundreds of cars, and their world leading research is available to subscribers the world over. Included in this research is all the data on types of metals used in the vehicles, repair techniques and methods, parts availability, SRS information and much more. Details available at

Any business that is repairing body damage on cars has a need to access this information and the qualifications that go along with them, this is the only way that they can guarantee a safe, quality repair for their customers, by ensuring that the vehicle is repaired to a standard that means it will perform as intended in the event of another accident occurring.

Tomorrow is the test day, 3 assessments in 7 hours!

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