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Monday 30 April 2012

CARS Show, June 14-16 2012

The CARS show is getting close (June 14-16) and is on target to give metal merchants and auto recyclers just what they asked for - a show dedicated to the industry. With two days of seminars and training, and 70 exhibitors covering all aspects of auto and metals recycling, that’s just what they’re getting. Demonstration is a key element that makes CARS different - you get to see the latest equipment and find out if, and how it can improve your bottom line. To explain what we mean, consider Overton’s Auto Dismantling System. This excavator mounted ripper is one of the show’s stars and visitors will be able to see first hand how this machine can improve the return from elv’s by almost 25% - now that has to be worth looking at. The system will be working at CARS, along with many other machines so you can actually see it for yourself. The industry just hasn’t had opportunities like this before. Adding value is the big theme at CARS. One of the most practical ways to increase profit is to increase the return from the materials and vehicles already being processed. Just to give you the idea, here are a few examples of the equipment you’ll see at CARS. Hammel’s Red Giant Attractions at this year’s CARS show don’t come much bigger than Hammel’s latest tracked shredder - the Red Giant. This beast can chew its way through 60 tonnes of cars every hour or 50 tonnes of tyres. This is a multi-purpose shredder that can also be used for wood, domestic and industrial waste. Weighing in at 44 tonnes, fitted with crawler tracks and a beefy CAT C18 diesel power unit, the fully remote control Red Giant can discharge up to a height of 5 metres. This is one demonstration not to be missed by anyone interested in shredding scrap metal. Which one’s for you? That’s the question from Eriez when it comes to their next generation of Eddy Current Separators. The new range acknowledges that most customers’ separation needs are varied, and at CARS Eriez will display and run samples over their RevX-E LT Eddy Current Separator which is ideal for separating large pieces of nonferrous metal. They will also be promoting their RevX-E ST model for small non-ferrous particles and the LC model which is ideal for aluminium can separation. Also during the show, Eriez will showcase their new Shred 1 Ballistic Metal Separator which is ideally used post shredder. Adding value is what JMC is about JMC are a company that’s been around for a long, long time and we are all familiar with their non-ferrous cleaning and baling equipment. What visitors may be interested to see is just how far their product range extends. In fact, if it’s non-ferrous you’re processing, they’re more than likely to have a piece of kit for the job. At CARS this year they’re focussing on machinery that can add value to your product. On show will be a cable granulation system that’s aimed specifically at capitalising on vehicle wiring looms. Also, the Cat Comrade which can collect and recycle all the precious metal inside cats. It doesn’t stop there, they also plan to demonstrate their latest engine crusher which is powerful enough to completely break up whole engines, handling up to 5 tonnes of engines and gearboxes per hour. Well worth a visit for all those involved with non-ferrous and auto recycling. Busy couple of days for JCB
The show’s main sponsor, JCB will be demonstrating their impressive range of materials handlers during the two days as they move materials and elv’s too and from the working machines. JCB are famous for their demonstrations so these operations should be as impressive as any other part of CARS. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but if adding value through on-site processing isn’t for you, then getting the best price for the materials you trade should be. At CARS you have the opportunity to meet a large number of buyers and sellers under one roof. Whether that’s buying or selling whole shells or shifting engines, batteries and cats - CARS is a place for you to do business and get those profits up! They say information is king; well visitors should definitely come away with plenty of that. There are two jam packed days of training, seminars and forums where you will find out the latest developments and techniques that will make your business run sweeter. As Dave Morgan from Pinnacle put it, “If you leave with one new idea you will reap a real benefit”. And that’s just on increasing effectiveness through technology. There’s everything from processing hybrids and EV’s, business development, pitfalls of overseas trade, new material technologies, to operating in a cash free environment. Each and everyone of these seminars includes details to help you develop your business. The full programme will be on the website, shortly. Don’t forget the fun side too. CarTakeBack , the compliance specialists will be pitting us all against each other with their very own Gand Prix circuit (I am hoping all those hours on the scalextric as a kid will pay off) and many other stands are planning to do things that little bit different - after all, this is far more than a trade show. Where else do you get free beer? And because we all like to relax, the Friday night is party night. CARS is all about sharing time with like minded friends, family and colleagues and the Friday evening meal and band, set in a casual atmosphere (ties are banned) makes a great time to get together. Don’t forget all your food and drink is included and, there’s transport laid on to get you too and from the hotel - so you can have that extra pint! For further details about the CARS show, visit CAR - Complete Auto Recycling and Secondary Metals June 14-16, 2012 Hills Salvage and Recycling Ltd Skelmersdale WN8 9SU For further information contact: Chris Floate - 01544 267140

Saturday 28 April 2012

CARS Expo and International Round Table on Auto Recycling

Salvage Wire are proud to confirm that they are supporting the forthcoming CARS Expo and International Round Table for Auto Recycling to be held at Hills Motors in Skelmersdale, England, June 14th-16th 2012. The Cars Expo showcases all aspects of vehicle recycling, from the first collection of a damaged or End of Life Vehicle to the full scrapping and recycling. There will be lots of trade stands, seminars and live demonstrations. Full details are still being released, keep looking at the web site ( for updates. The International Round Table on Auto Recycling occurs every 2 years, attracting delegates from all over the world, and this takes place in conjunction with the CARS Expo in June, it has its own website ( with all the relevant information. On-Line booking is available from both web sites, don't forget to book your hotels for some memorable and very rewarding days, and the staff at Salvage Wire look forward to meeting you at the show.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Rover SD1 Yard Find

Rover SD1, seen last week buried in the corner of a salvage yard on the Channel Islands, was a lovely car in its time, see very few around now. Wonder why?