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Saturday 19 May 2007

Will we achieve 95%?

The EU target for motor vehicle recycling is 95% of the vehicle must be recycled by 2015. Will we ever achieve this target?
The Eu think so, their impact assessment published in January of this year supports the 95% target, even though there is no technology capable of recycling this level of recycling.
The EU states that the support of the target will encourage the development of technology and the investment required, and they also say that they will support the exchange of best practice between member states.
Come on, who is going to invest millions of Euros in developing a process to recycle vehicle components with no guarantee of a marketplace, and then be told to share their development with other member states - thus diluting their investment?
The EU needs to go and create the marketplace for recycled material, the research and development will then follow and production will satisfy the demand created.

Get a life Brussels!

What is happening?

Over the past few weeks, as I have been travelling the country talking to salvage operations throughout the UK I have heard more negativity than over the past few years.
Most grief is targeted at the ever increasing red tape and compliance issues being forced on the industry by Local, National and EU legislation, with the Environment Agency taking most of the flak for their attitude and insistence on doing things by the book.
Illegal operators are high on many peoples agenda, why are the EA being so hard on compliant, registered and licenced operators but not forcing the illegals to stop or legitimise their operations. Surely this should have more priority for the benefit of the whole motor salvage and recycling industry.
In some areas enforcement of Hazardous Waste Legislation has become a major issue, but this has not been raised elsewhere - indicating lack of consistency within the EA.
I am sure we all agree that proper handling, de-pollution and recycling of vehicles is something that the whole industry needs to guarantee, and the illegals are obviously not taking that course, but it does appear a little disingenuous to blame the EA for all the problems. This is an issue that has an impact throughout the industry, and I believe that it is the industry that needs to take a stand on this.
Are you a member of the BVSF or MVDA? What are these industry bodies doing to stop the illegal activity? Could they do more?
I do not know the answers, hopefully there are people out there who do know the answers and can enlighten us all. If you are a member of these organisations, when did you last speak to them, or write to them asking them what action they are taking to force illegal operators from the business? If you haven't done this recently, compose a letter or e-mail and send it to them. It would be good to see the reaction.
Have a good week, in and out of the yard.