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Tuesday 26 November 2013

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Monday 18 November 2013

Salvage Wire are pleased to introduce Andy Latham as their Managing Director.

Andy brings over 12 years experience in the Automotive Recycling industry having been part of since 2001. Previously Andy was a Vehicle Damage Assessor, and he went from shop floor apprentice to After Sales Manager for a franchised garage before he reached his 28th birthday.
Andy was part of the team that staged last year's CARS show and International Round Table on Auto Recycling in Liverpool, and was proud to accept the invitation to co-chair this years International Round Table in Phoenix.

Andy created and managed many different projects during his time at Bluecycle, including their world leading Compliance programme and award winning Retail Ready service, and he brings his immense knowledge, experience, project management, organisational, leadership and engineering skills to Salvage Wire customers.
Andy is an Incorporated Engineer, a qualified Vehicle Damage Assessor, an Advanced Automotive Engineer and Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Technician.

Salvage Wire is a unique Automotive Recycling and Motor Salvage consultancy that works with customers to help them become Safe, Ethical and Profitable. 
Services include: Project Management, Audit and Compliance, Leadership Development, Technical Training, Marketing and Branding, Brochure Recycling, Bridge the Gap and more. 
Salvage Wire standards  are: Doing the right thing, making it better than today and creating positive relationships: standards that follow Salvage Wire's vision for all clients to be Safe, Ethical and Profitable. 

Friday 15 November 2013

300,000 accident damaged and repaired cars back on forecourts

Research by Accident Exchange has revealed that up to 300,000 cars previously involved in an accident could return to dealer forecourts by 2016.

With 30% of new vehicles being part-exchanged back to the original dealer within three years, it is estimated that nearly one in four of these vehicles could have been involved in an accident.

The research highlights the importance of OEM-standard body repairs following an accident to protect the customer and safeguard dealer profits.

Accident Exchange surveyed several of the UK's top dealer groups, with some stating up to 40% of vehicles are sold back into the network or are part-exchanged within three years; the lowest rate was 18% – nearly a quarter, or 300,000 in total, will have suffered an accident in the same period.

While accident damage is sometimes minor and won't affect safety or resale value, poor or very extensive repairs can mask serious mechanical issues which surface later or go unnoticed entirely. This can affect the value of stock or even pose a safety risk.

Liz Fisher, Accident Exchange's Director of Sales Development, explained: "No dealer wants a car on the forecourt which is, effectively, a dud. If customers, especially in these straightened times, cut corners and don't have their cars adequately repaired, it could cost a dealer later.

The franchised network, together with its approved repairers, must do more to retain and educate customers to call the dealer in the event of an accident. One effective way of doing this is by providing an effective AM scheme.

There are the clear income streams to consider if a dealer provides an AM scheme, but it is the less obvious effect on customer satisfaction and therefore loyalty which really matters."

With so many vehicles arriving back on the forecourt, dealers are being urged to ensure customers are provided with high-quality accident management services, which will ensure quality body or mechanical repairs, increase customer satisfaction and provide additional revenue opportunities.
Source: ABP