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Friday 8 December 2023

You Have To Get Your Feet Wet

 When the priests got to the Jordan and their feet touched the water at the edge, the flow of water stopped…The river went dry…..and the people crossed.” (Joshua 3 14-16)

There is so much leadership wisdom in this short passage - especially when you understand what preceded this.

The Israelites were moving from Egypt to the promised land, they had spent 40 years in the wilderness and had to cross the Jordan River to take control of the land flowing with milk and honey. They didn’t wait for the river to stop flowing or for a bridge to be built. No, they started out and got their feet wet before the river stopped flowing and they could cross into the promised land on dry ground.

In our business lives we should be looking at how to move forward into new pastures or new opportunities and as we do this we see the barriers ahead of us. It could be knowledge, registration or licensing, resource, equipment or much more, so we research, prepare, register, practice but we cannot move forward until we have put our feet into the water. 

The Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness preparing, they didn’t wait for a miracle to occur before they moved across the Jordan River, they put their feet in and the river stopped flowing. 

Your may want to move your business forward or instigate change in the way it operates, but all you can see is that river in front of you that is stopping you from moving forward. It is time to take action; spend a few months preparing the changes or preparing for that forward movement, but the river doesn’t open up and welcome you in, you have to take a step or a leap of faith, get your feet wet and step into the change, or into that opportunity and watch it open up as you move forward.

You may just get your feet wet, you may go a little deeper and push forward, but there comes a time where the water starts to drop and you are through to the other side, or you may have to retreat, review, change and then put your feet in the water again. There is no fear of failure, if what you are doing doesn’t work then retreat and adapt, and there are two absolute rules here - never go so far that you are in danger of drowning and never retreat and go back in again without reviewing, changing and adapting the plan - a sign of insanity is doing the same thing each time and expecting a different result.

Over the last two years Salvage Wire have developed a number of new programmes for various clients, and in all cases we planned, prepared, and practiced before we took the plunge and made the changes, and as the changes or the new programmes were implemented we reviewed regularly, changed and adapted what we were doing so we could reach the other side. Yes, we got our feet wet, but only our feet and our clients are now on dry ground looking back at what they used to be whilst marching forward towards their new goals.

If you have an idea, and you are seeing a river blocking your way to that new idea, then contact Salvage Insight, enter your details and join us for a free 1-hour consultation where one of our consultants can discuss your idea in more detail and formulate an action plan for you. Find out more at