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Friday 18 September 2015

Changing the way Insurers repair accident damaged vehicles

I started working for the number one motor insurer in the UK over twenty four years ago and Green Recycled Parts were being discussed then, although in those days they were described as second-hand or salvage parts.
Since then the terminology has changed, but the desire to introduce Green Recycled Parts into business as usual for insurance repairs is as strong as ever, but has never been realised. Until now.

Reco Auto is now on the cusp of changing attitudes to these practices in the repair of accident damaged vehicles for insurers and fleets.
Having recently signed an agreement with a major accident management company to supply Green Recycled Parts for total loss prevention and repair cost reduction purposes Reco Auto are now working closely with the network of repairers to raise the volume of Green Recycled Parts that are used in accident repairs.

How is this initiative different to previous attempts?
Reco Auto are working at different levels to achieve these goals, including the introduction of a new Recycling Network to supply the parts. This new network focuses first and foremost on Quality; this includes the condition of the part, how it is handled and how it is delivered to the repairer.
Reco Auto are also working very hard to bring more insurers on board, even to the extent of proposing a new insurance policy where the use of Green Recycled Parts is written into the policy.
Also Reco Auto are including vehicle manufacturers in the discussions and already have agreement from one premier vehicle manufacturer that Green Recycled Parts can be utilised to save a vehicle from a total loss decision, this manufacturer knows that a total loss decision could inevitably result in the loss of that customer from their ‘brand’ when they receive their payout and purchase a vehicle from another manufacturer to replace the written off car. 

To sum up this initiative, Reco Auto have the support of vehicle insurers, fleets and vehicle manufacturers for the use of Green Recycled Parts in the repair of accident damaged vehicles, an initiative that will result in total loss prevention and repair cost reduction. The new Recycling Network focuses on quality which means that price is no longer a driving factor in the purchase of parts; the suppliers of these parts will be chosen from the best auto recyclers in the country, and those recyclers have the opportunity to be part of a programme that changes how vehicles are repaired in the UK after an accident.

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