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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Will we achieve 95%?

The EU target for motor vehicle recycling is 95% of the vehicle must be recycled by 2015. Will we ever achieve this target?
The Eu think so, their impact assessment published in January of this year supports the 95% target, even though there is no technology capable of recycling this level of recycling.
The EU states that the support of the target will encourage the development of technology and the investment required, and they also say that they will support the exchange of best practice between member states.
Come on, who is going to invest millions of Euros in developing a process to recycle vehicle components with no guarantee of a marketplace, and then be told to share their development with other member states - thus diluting their investment?
The EU needs to go and create the marketplace for recycled material, the research and development will then follow and production will satisfy the demand created.

Get a life Brussels!

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