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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Relieving the Economic Woes

Last year the US threw about $250M at sustainable technology development. Small beans compared to the Billions of dollars in bail out money already used on US banks.
Will the banks be the architects of the type of economic boost that the world economy needs? I don’t think so, but engineering and innovation in all areas, when properly funded, can deliver massive economic boosts, also keeping white collar jobs in an otherwise harsh world.

We need economies with 'real' engineering, not financial engineering. Whilst the bankers and financiers have been messing up our economy engineers have been developing some major advances, have a look at one example.
Since the Euro 1 emissions regulations of 1993 to the current Euro 5 (Oct 2009) engineers have cut diesel particulate emissions by 94%, NOX by 75% and carbon monoxide by 69% whilst making vehicles lighter, safer and more fuel efficient - this is real engineering. has details of a very successful programme in the UK that is delivering benefit to the engineering community through the extra-curricular support of school activities.
Also recently in the news was the appointment of a new Chief Executive of the Engineering and technology Board (ETB). The ETB is an independent organisation that promotes the contribution that engineers, engineering and technology make to our society. The new Chief Executive, Paul Jackson, acknowledged the need to build foundations for future economic success rests with organisations like ETB and the encouragement of young people to pursue careers in engineering and technology.
We need more of this, and proper joined up thinking between ALL engineering organisations, to promote engineering as a profession to be proud of, that is rewarding, and one where you can make a difference.
Let’s hear from all engineers out there, how can we get engineers into positions where they can influence the politicians, and get the public on their side, because without a reliable and integrated infrastructure (power, transport, water etc.) we are going nowhere!

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