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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Salvage Parts Stock Control

I know I have been on about this before, but I still believe that a decent stock control system is going to be essential for any supplier of 'green' parts in the future.
Visited an excellent site yesterday, A1 BM Spares in Stevenage ( who have had software from Pinnacle for about 1 month and are getting to grips with all the functionality. You can see from their web site that they are using it very well already, uploading images and detail about the parts available. Not bad for a first time.
As always the effectiveness of any software is only as good as the information that goes into it, and this needs discipline, entering all the donor vehicle details, parts available, pricing, images ec, and recording all the sales, recording all "none sales", i.e. enquiries that could not be satisfied either because parts were not available or too expensive. Only when a few months (or years) worth of this data has been collected will the software really come into its' own as a full stock management system, then the users wil be able to see parts turnover, profit, parts in stock etc.
Pinnacle is expensive, and there are alternatives, so my recommendation is to view a few of the options, talk to some of the users and make your own mind up, but get yourselves a decent system and give the bosses head a break!

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