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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Making body repair easier

How can we save money on vehicle body repair whilst raising repair standards? well i was at Thatcham (the motor insurance industry research and repair centre) last week to see some really good demonstrations of cost and efficiency savings for all those involved in motor vehicle body repair.
Power Tec body repair tools and equipment ( have a whole catalogue of tools where time and money can be saved repairing vehicles, from hand tools, to heavy duty vehicle lifts and body alignment equipment, they have the ability to equip a repair shop.
They were demonstrating their latest plastic repair system, this can repair cracks, fractures and deep scratches in almost all plastic body panels, including bumpers, and you only require one type of plastic welding rod for all plastics rather than the numerous different types of the recent past. You can see more detail and an online demonstration at the web site where you can also order a DVD and info pack for even more information.
Mini also had a vehicle there demonstrating the new 'cold' joining technique, instead of spot welding panels on you can now utilise bonding and riveting techniques to fit various panels, including rear panels, quarters and chassis legs.
In both cases these developments represent much increased opportunities for the salvage repair market to increase standards whilst saving costs - got to be good for all of us.

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