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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Calls for salvage code of practice

With more vehicles forecast to be produced in the next 20 years than in the entire history of the motor industry to date, its feared millions of scrapped cars may find their way back onto the roads if the recycling community fails to take action to implement recognised standards, according to Bluecycle.

Calling for the first worldwide code of practice for motor vehicle salvage, Bluecycle claims that the rising cost and complexity of vehicle repair presents a 'clear and present danger' that more unsafe vehicles will be sold across borders and instances of fraud will escalate, unless countries work towards a common objective to improve standards and tighten controls relating to salvage categorisation and recycling.
Speaking at the USA’s Automotive Recycling Association annual convention to be held in Texas on 20-23 October, Andy Latham, Bluecycle’s Reputation Manager, will champion the case for the development of a global code of practice for the disposal of motor vehicle salvage and re-use of parts.
Andy Latham, Reputation Manager, Bluecycle, said, 'Vehicle salvage has global reach now but there are differing standards of repair and legislation regarding recycled or green parts, not to mention a severe lack of information exchange and documentation control. Continuing technical advances are making vehicle repair much harder and more expensive and this has the potential for sub-standard repair and fraud to increase on a global scale unless collective measures are taken to address these issues.'

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