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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Proposals to regulate Motor Salvage

In a move that could be mirrored in other countries, Ireland’s Department of Transport and Road Safety Authority recently released a consultation document on the regulation of written-off vehicles.

The proposal defines two types of written-off vehicle:
Statutory write-off - must be destroyed
Financial write-off - can be repaired and put back into use

The proposed legislation includes clear definitions of categories of vehicles which must be permanently written off and those that can be safely repaired, the legislation also covers imported vehicles that have previously been written-off, requirements on the minimum standard of repair for written off vehicles, details of how written-off vehicles are recorded and ownership of these vehicles.
The consultation document clearly shows the way forward for written-off vehicles in Ireland, proposals that, if successful, could be adopted by other countries, and could pave the way towards a minimum global standard for repaired motor salvage.

The full consultation can be viewed at
the consultation period lasts until 4th Feb 2011.

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