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Monday, 11 April 2011

Bluecycle’s new Compliance Team will help customers manage ‘red tape’

Online car salvage auction business, Bluecycle, has created a new Compliance Team to help customers meet their increasing obligations concerning the scrappage of cars.

The European Union’s End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) dictates that 85% of a car manufactured in Europe must be recyclable. This figure increases to 95% in 2015, placing additional pressure on the vehicle salvage sector to ensure this is observed.

Having been Bluecycle’s Reputation Manager since the company formed eleven years ago, Andy Latham brings over thirty years of experience as a motor vehicle engineer and insurance assessor into his new role as Compliance Manager.

In support of Latham, Bluecycle has also appointed two new Compliance Officers, who are transferring from other roles within the business. University graduates Magda Drozdz and Kuba Wygledacz have eight years combined experience in the vehicle salvage and insurance sectors.

Based at Bluecycle’s offices in Bristol, the Compliance Team will further develop Bluecycle’s industry leading role on reputational matters affecting ELV, codes of practice, environmental agencies, legislators, as well as liaison with trade associations. The team will also work closely with Bluecycle’s network of Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) across the UK to ensure regulations are properly enforced.

Andy Latham, Bluecycle’s new Compliance Manager, commented:

“With the advances being made in recyclable materials by manufacturers to meet higher targets in 2015 plus the major investment put into Authorised Treatment Facilities, our new Compliance Team will bring reassurance and expertise to the growing regulatory process within the sector.”

In addition, Bluecycle has re-launched its website with push bidding technology so that users can view auctions in real time without having to refresh the page on the internet browser.

An investment of almost 20,000 hours of technical development has gone into the new auction architecture, which the company believes will help attract new customers and generate increased participation in auctions during 2011.

Guy Spence, Managing Director, Bluecycle, said:

“Operating in a highly competitive sector, Bluecycle is proud of its record of innovation and the launch of our new auction technology is a major step forward. It will have major benefit to new and existing customers whilst maintaining quality and integrity, which remains the bedrock of our business. We anticipate increased volume as a result of this move which is highly beneficial to the market and also expect our simplified yet robust registration process to stimulate additional activity.”

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