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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Leadership in the Auto Recycling Industry

The world has seen many great leaders come and go, Nelson Mandella, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther-King to name a few. In a deliberate attempt to provoke discussion and comment I ask where are the leaders in the Auto Recycling industry? By its’ nature, the auto recycling industry is fragmented, lots of small family owned and run companies that are servicing an ever growing clientele – enabled by the internet, most companies can get access to a global marketplace. There are a few organisations that endeavour to bring the industry together – The Automotive Recycling Association based in the US is one example, Auto Recycling Canada another and there are many other similar organisations around the world that offer benefits for their members, but is there one person who has the ability to speak for the whole industry? Unfortunately not, the various rules and regulations in each country mean that most national organisations can only speak for the country they represent, and their comments do not always carry enough weight to be taken seriously by other countries. There is an opportunity to make a difference through the International Round Table on Auto Recycling which is taking place in Liverpool, England, in June of this year. The event is being hosted at Hills Motors and runs in conjunction with the CARS Expo, the chairman for the event with be Steve Fletcher, the respected head of Auto Recycling Canada and seen by many as the guardian of the International Round Table. Highlights of the event will include reports from each country represented, further discussions on areas of international interest and a full teaching and training programmes that are designed to bring benefit to all delegates attending and their businesses. You can see more information at and at , both web sites feature on-line booking as well as details of accommodation, seminars and training as well as live entertainment and other events.

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