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Monday, 30 July 2012

Vehicle Identity Check Consultation

The UK Department for Transport has recently issued a consultation document on the future of the Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) scheme.

Some of the background details show that 717,000 checks have been completed at a cost of £30million to the UK motorist, and only 38 vehicles failed the check!
The VIC is designed to stop ‘ringers’ - vehicles that have had their identity changed from going into use – so the scheme has either been a colossal success because it has removed ringers from the road, or a complete waste of time because it hasn’t found as many as were expected, I will leave you to form your own opinion on this!

The consultation document highlights some future options and asks a number of questions that could be more interesting and wider ranging than the actual consultation.
These questions include:
• Can you provide figures associated with the costs and benefits of the current scheme (including costs to motorists and business, and effectiveness of the scheme as prevention of car crime)?
• Should the 4 salvage categories be retained as defined? Should they be amended?
• Do you think there are already other systems acting as deterrent to ringing?
• Can you suggest an alternative to deter ringing?

Sorry, but I thought that the DFT have already shown the costs, benefits and effectiveness of the scheme in the background details quoted above!

The consultation papers can be found at, responses are welcomed from individuals, businesses and organisations and the consultation closes on 22nd October 2012.

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