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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Some might look on them as exotic, new, or just the latest must have vehicle, but these vehicles are now being found as End of Life Vehicles in auto recycling and motor salvage yards around the world, and unless handled properly they can kill or seriously injure employees.

High Voltages are required for the electric motor, the battery voltage is converted from Direct Current to Alternating Current and up to 750volts can be required for the motor. Heat is generated through this process and needs controlling, batteries do not function best in very cold or very hot temperatures so they also have cooling and heating capabilities, and batteries also contain electrolyte that requires careful management if it s split from a damaged battery.

Salvage Wire’s Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Training is a course designed for automotive recycling and motor salvage operations, that helps dismantlers to assess, make safe and dismantle electric and hybrid vehicles, and is an essential part of any responsible vehicle recyclers training programme. 

Courses are available across the country over the coming months, for more details contact Salvage Wire at for a training programme and full details of this course and all others available.

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