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Friday 6 February 2015

Friday Reflections

So much publicity on accident damaged vehicles this week, the BBC’s Inside Out programme on Monday with John Dwyer, items by Fox News in the US, Auto Express in the UK, and the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association.

Every single one of the above highlighted issues in the handling of accident damaged vehicles that insurers decide not to repair and the devastating effects of these vehicles re-appearing on the road following poor quality repairs and being involved in another incident.

Putting aside the past and the reasons why this current state of affairs exists, as an industry we need to take steps to stop this happening in the future; most of the pieces mentioned above highlighted the need for better controls, improved standards and greater professionalism, but no-one is stepping out to lead this issue and make a difference, why?

Is it because we are comfortable where we are, and have a fear of standing apart from our peers and colleagues? Or is it because we do not want to make a commitment because of the trouble that this creates for us as we are challenged, questioned and tested? Or is it just because it will cost both financially and personally?

If you, like me, want to eradicate the people who constantly bring this industry down, who cut corners and endanger consumers and the environment, then please add your comments and thoughts to this blog and together we can build a future where the Auto Recycling and Motor Salvage industry is seen as professional; as a partner of other professional industries; a power to save money for consumers with quality Green Recycled Parts; provider of lower cost, well repaired, safe and reliable vehicles; and an environmentally aware and compliant industry then it is time for you to make your voices heard, to make a commitment to improve the quality and professionalism of your business, your industry and leave a legacy of strength for your children and grandchildren to build upon.

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Unknown said...

This has been an issue for so long that I believe many recyclers are numb to it. We should all be engaged on this issue not just for our industry but the safety of consumers and our communities we serve. What is wrong with us standing up and demanding we be recognized as the true professionals we are qualified to properly handle the end of life and total loss vehicles? This problem will not go away without our engagement on the issue.