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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Salvage Leader

Vehicles are changing more rapidly now than they have ever changed before, advanced driver assistance systems, advanced vehicle structures, various types of hybrid and full electric vehicles and hydrogen power on the horizon, now is the time for leaders to come to the top of the global vehicle salvage and recycling industry.

Every week we see announcements from vehicle manufacturers about new autonomous technology in their vehicles, light weighting, mild hybrid, full hybrid, electric and more. These vehicles are going to end up in a vehicle recycling yard very soon and vehicle recyclers need to have the knowledge and expertise to deal with them.

Do the drivers collecting these vehicles know how to handle a partly burnt out, or flooded high voltage vehicle? What about storing and dismantling these vehicles, how do you make them safe?

Many salvage vehicles are sold as repairable units and in some cases these vehicles will be repaired by the salvage companies - do they have the expertise to safely and adequately repair the very advanced structures that vehicles are now built of? Ultra High Strength Steel, Aluminium, Carbon Fibre , all require trained, skilled technicians, and access to researched repair methods to ensure adequate repair standards are achieved.

Parts is a different animal altogether; advanced driver assistance systems are adding complexity and cost to vehicle repair, and the possibilities for vehicles recyclers are enormous if they can understand the opportunities available to them.
Some of these items will also need to be calibrated after fitting to ensure correct operation, so in addition to opportunities to sell the costly items highlighted, recyclers that offer a calibration service will be ahead of the competition and able to attract more customers and increase their revenue with these additional services. 

All requires more investment in training and equipment, plus a business plan that attracts, rewards and retains the talented people in any business.

Are you the leader who can rise above the current standard by making your business the first choice for employees and customers in your area? Attracting and retaining talented staff is one of your most important attributes as talented staff help your business grow by offering better quality service to your customers, by going the extra mile to achieve sales, by giving your customers the choice to tell their customers, their friends and colleagues all about your company and your talented employees and come back again.
Opportunities are out there for younger people to come into the industry, but they need the leadership, guidance and mentoring that true leaders can give.

For too long this industry has achieved the stereotypical image of poor service, poor quality, ignorant or untrained staff and patchy supply levels; we all want to see this industry rise above that stereotypical image, become professional, quality businesses that supply the insurance, fleet and vehicle repair industries; businesses that have influence in local and national government, have the respect and support of local residents, and set the standards that shows how bad the illegal, unlicensed and un-compliant operators are - this is your time, your opportunity to make a difference and become a salvage leader.

Salvage Wire have leadership training programmes to assist everyone in the industry to become a salvage leader - for more details contact Salvage Wire through our website -

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