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Monday, 11 June 2018

Electric Vehicles are here - try to keep up!

“Don’t need to be trained as I refuse to accept them into the yard” was one response from a recycler I was talking to recently, “but we have a Honda Insight here” was their next comment!
So you do need to be trained, you do need to be aware of the dangers, you do need to have the appropriate protective equipment for your staff, but no, they didn’t want to invest in their business or their staff - some may call this irresponsible, I call it ignorance.

60 volts and 0.5 of an amp can kill - current electric and hybrid vehicles range from 120 to 400 volts, so there is a clear focus here, handle one of these wrongly and it will kill!
Going back to my friendly recycler that made the choice not to invest in their staff or their business and refused the training; if something goes wrong and they are the subject of an investigation by the Environment Agency or the Health and Safety Executive, they may regret not making that investment and learning about these vehicles, gaining the knowledge of how they work, what the risks are, how to research the vehicle and minimise the risks to themselves, their team and their business.

So book your training now! Salvage Wire’s WAMITAB accredited training is specifically designed for the vehicle recycling community and is suitable for all members of the business.
We can come to your yard and train your team, or you can send one of your team to our regular training days around the country.
Our next scheduled training days are:
  • Thursday 14 June in Lichfield where there are two spaces still available
  • Wednesday 20 June in Bridgend 
  • Wednesday 18 July in Edinburgh 
  • Thursday 19 July in Warrington
For more details contact

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