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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Common Practice

Common Practice: Indicates that a process may be standardised, for example; USB connections are common across a number of different components, DVD’s work in most DVD (and blu-ray) devices, and in the automotive industry there have been common practices on OBD ports for fault code readers, orange cable for high voltage vehicles and fuel inlets so mis-fuelling incidents can be minimised, bit one area that is not a common practice is the disconnection of high voltage systems on hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicles.
Wouldn’t it be great if all the manufacturers had the same disconnection plug, in the same place and the process to make the vehicle safe was the same. If only……….

There are three main disconnection processes, the service disconnect or big orange plug, the switch and the multiplug.

And the locations are all different; in the trunk floor, under the rear seat, behind the rear seat, in the engine bay, in the centre console, under a flap in the floor between the front and rear seats, and, underneath the vehicle!

It is really important that all service technicians, first responders and vehicle recyclers complete accredited training in how to safely work on electric and hybrid vehicles, have the correct tools and personal protective equipment available (and use them), and follow the manufacturers processes. 

For any one interested in learning more about these vehicles, completing accredited training and purchasing all the tools and PPE that will keep them safe and stop them being killed by an electric shock then contact Salvage Wire through our website.

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