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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hire Cars

Just had a hire car for a few days whilst in N Ireland, booked a Ford Focus, but they did not have any in stock so i got upgraded to a Renault Laguna Sport Tourer, nice car that I enjoyed driving. One thing really niggled though, this 'Credit Card' key, a large plastic component that you put into a slot in the dashboard so you can start the car. Wouldn't be so bad if this was all you had to do, but you then need to push the Start button to fire the car up, and then when you want to stop you push the Stop button and then have to pull the card key out of the slot - why two separate actions to stop the car? I tried pulling the card out of the slot when the engine was still running, the car bleeped at me and a message on the dashboard told me that the card had been removed, but the engine did not stop. Great! On my normal car when i want to stop I just twist the key and pull it out, one smooth swift action. Why can't Renault do the same?

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