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Sunday, 8 March 2009


The Motor Industry is claiming all sorts of bailouts and benefits from the government, but one part of the industry that is bucking the recession is used cars, especially those vehicles that customers are looking to downsize to.
Before Christmas 2008 many vehicles were struggling to reach trade prices at auctions, many are now up to £1,000 over trade, why?
Well the decreasing numbers of new vehicles being sold mean that there are smaller numbers of vehicles going through the part exchange route and onto used car forecourts, smaller numbers mean less stock, and with demand still being high for some vehicles prices are going up.
So if you have a Ford Focus sized vehicle, or a Fiesta equivalent and you are looking to change the car in the near term have a real good look at the market and make sure that any part exchange offer is in your favour, manufacturers are struggling to sell new cars, so discounts are high; dealers need good stock, so trade in values should be really positive. All of this equals a smaller amount of money for the customer to put in to change their vehicle.
Shop now, as prices may not hold!

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