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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Vehicle Damage Assessor Day 2

40 MPH into a deformable concrete block doesn’t sound much, but when you look at crash tests of vehicles from the 1990’s it is amazing to think that anyone ever survived an accident.
Comparison with crash tests on European cars designed in the last 5 years shows the incredible advancement in vehicle design and technology, the same 40MPH test results in almost minimal injury to the vehicle occupants.
This has been achieved with the major advancement of High Strength and Ultra High Strength Steels that are much stronger than mild steel with less weight.
This advancement compromises the reparability of vehicles and highlights the role of the vehicle damage assessor in making sure that any vehicle repair is completed in such a way that the vehicle will perform as intended in the event of another accident.
The Vehicle Damage Assessor is only one part of the process, all the Technicians in the repair centre need to be suitably qualified before the body repair centre achieves the required standard.
Day 2 of the course looked at some of the resources available that show how a vehicle has been designed and built and, more importantly, repair methods. The whole afternoon was dedicated to producing a repair assessment on one vehicle, capturing important safety critical repairs along with the method of repair.
Tomorrow we assess 2 vehicles in preparation for the full day assessment later in the week.

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