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Monday, 12 December 2011

Vehicle Damage Assessor

Having been involved in vehicle repairs for over 30 years what more could I learn?
Vehicle Damage Assessors must ensure that they select the correct method of repair to ensure the vehicle is repaired in such a way that it will work as intended in the event of another accident.
Failure to do this could result in serious criminal charges against the Vehicle Damage Assessors if another accident results in injury or fatality because the built in safety features failed to work correctly.
With the ever increasing complexity of vehicles currently on sale and coming to market over the coming months the course is very relevant and necessary, especially when looking at the use of High Strength and Ultra High Strength Steels in the vehicle structure as well as all the passive safety systems such as airbags and seat belts.
As the owner of a number of cars I am pleased to know that in the event of an accident my cars can be repaired to the highest standards and my wife and children will be driving safe vehicles in the future, but what about vehicles repaired in the motor salvage market where these standards do not apply?
Poor quality repairs can endanger the lives of our customers, customers who are looking to us in the salvage industry to provide them cheaper motoring, we must make certain that the salvage vehicles we repair are repaired to the highest standard using manufacturers guidelines and appropriate parts.
Does this mean increased cost? Yes! Does this mean that we cannot make as much money? No!
There is now so little difference between most businesses that the only differentiation is very minor, a salvage operation showing that they can repair vehicles to the highest standards and ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants immediately has a major difference to other operations, a difference that they can use to bring more customers to them with the potential for more profit. It will be short term, as competitors can catch up quickly, but a head start that could prove critical.
2 more days to go, with a full day assessment to finish, more postings to follow.

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