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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Beat the Blues!

Spent most of yesterday calling auto recyclers to promote my Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid training course.
As usual, many of them were not interested and didn’t book a place - now I am used to that and accept these rejections as a normal part of business life, but I ended the day really depressed because of the attitude of so many.

What really depressed me was the amount of wingeing and whining about the auto recycling industry, how it is no good, and they wanted to just shut the doors and get out. 
I admit that there are some issues that need addressing, but I see a vibrant business that is moving forward, raising standards and becoming more professional.

This can be seen next month at the CARS Show, held at a working automotive recycling facility this show brings the best in the industry together for 2 days of seminars, demonstrations, teaching, learning and networking. June 5th and 6th are the dates, Motorhog Doncaster is the location tickets for the 2 days cover food and drinks at the show and delegates are coming from all over the world.

The show web site ( has full details of the show, including seminar timetable, booking tickets and hotels. Join the cream of the auto recycling industry at this prestigious event, be enthused about the future, to be the best that you can and secure your future.

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