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Monday, 9 June 2014

So VIC is no more, what next?

The UK Government announced today that the Vehicle Identity Check scheme (VIC) is to be closed; having spent millions, checked hundreds of thousands of vehicles and identified less than 50 suspect vehicles, it certainly cannot be called a success.
The scheme will run until October 2015, in the meantime a working group will be formed to investigate the next steps.
I understand that making the current voluntary code of practice mandatory is an option; action that must be welcomed by the industry.

Personally I hope that the working group is able to bring strong enforcement action on this issue, including an updating of the current code, stopping category A and B vehicles leaving the country, Certificate of Destructions being mandatory for these vehicles,  a suitable roadworthiness check for all category C and D salvage returning to use, and stiff fines for companies that flout the regulations.

It certainly looks like progress is being made, we won’t mourn the loss of VIC, lets embrace sensible regulations going forward that protect OUR industry, drivers and customers.

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