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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

International Dismantling Information System (IDIS)

Free, complimentary, gratis, on the house, for nothing! You cannot say that about much these days, especially technical information from vehicle manufacturers. 

There must be a catch, I hear you say; only if you are not in the automotive recycling industry. IDIS is the International Dismantling Information System that all vehicle manufacturers selling cars in Europe have to provide information to, and this data is then available free of charge to vehicle dismantlers and recyclers across Europe.

The database is designed to promote the safe and economical treatment of end of life vehicles (ELV’s) and is part of the European Union’s ELV Directive.

Information is split into a number of different areas, including Batteries, Pyrothechnics, Fuels, Air Conditioning and more. Data included highlights number of components, what they are made from, tools required and the processes needed to remove these components from the vehicle.

From IDIS you can find out that a fully specced new Mercedes S-Class Hybrid could have up to 24 batteries in it when you include keys, tyre pressure sensors and more, or that the High Voltage Battery of the Tesla Model S is a Lithium-Ion unit that weighs around 600KG.

Safety documents feature heavily in the IDIS contents, including Pyrothechnics, Hybrid Batteries, LPG/CNG and all give lots of good and useful safety advice. Vehicle Manufacturers back this up with their own unique advice and recommendations within the information given for their models.

Reports can be printed from IDIS for each vehicle model giving all pre-treatment and dismantling information for that variant that can be taken to the workstation and used during the de-pollution and dismantling process to ensure full, safe and economical processing of end of life vehicles. 

To access IDIS go to where you can register on-line and take a tour of the site.

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