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Friday, 9 March 2018

Automotive Recyclers Will Require Training And Accreditation if New Legislation is Passed

Automotive recycling technicians will soon need to be trained, accredited and participate in continual professional development if a new bill gains royal assent.

The UK government wants to show that the UK is a leader in automated and advanced vehicles to bring inward investment into the country. The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill looks at the latest vehicle technology, how it will impact vehicle use and the changes in legislation that need to be made to accommodate these vehicles into normal use.

One amendment that has been proposed as part of the bill is a Licensing and Accreditation scheme for all technicians working on automated and electric vehicles.
The amendment states that the bill must determine which professional body will operate the licensing and accreditation scheme, how the scheme will operate, the minimum level of training required and continual professional development.

The impact of this amendment would be that everyone working on a high voltage vehicle must be trained and accredited - a necessary precaution given the dangers involved with these vehicles - and this will have implications for the vehicle recycling industry.

If this bill does come into UK legislation with this amendment included vehicle recyclers will have to train their technicians and dismantlers to a specific level of competence, maintain their continuing professional development and support their technicians to become members of the professional body that operates the scheme. As a rough estimate, the initial 2-day training course could cost as much as £1500 per technician (when the cost of taking a key employee out of the business for the 2 days is included), and up to £300 per year for membership of the professional body and ongoing CPD, and most automotive recyclers will need to train at least two technicians for each yard - this is not an insignificant cost!

Salvage Wire will be monitoring the progress of the bill and will provide regular updates to the vehicle recycling industry.

The Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles training course is a one-day, WAMITAB Accredited high voltage awareness course for all automotive recyclers, designed to protect you, your staff and your business when collecting, storing and dismantling an electric or hybrid vehicle. For more details check out and contact Salvage Wire for available dates and costs.

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