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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Recycled Parts Standards

Salvage Wire - Helping Automotive Recyclers Become Leaders in Their Industry

Thousands of vehicles are repaired every day that would benefit from the use of quality recycled parts from UK based automotive recyclers; saving cost, reducing emissions from the production and transportation of brand new parts, and helping to support the circular economy where components are re-used rather than being disposed of and recycled.

Recycled Parts that have come off a vehicle of a similar age to the vehicle being repaired have the benefit of being an original equipment (OE) part - designed to the vehicle manufacturers standards and fitted by the vehicle manufacturer on the production line. Recycled Parts can be covered by guarantees and warranties, and offer significant cost savings from brand new prices.

At the moment there are no specific UK produced recycled parts standards available, the USA based Automotive Recyclers Association have a set of standards that could be utilised, however these standards cover a number of vehicle parts that the UK would not accept, such as structural body panels. 
Salvage Wire have produced a draft Recycled Parts Standards guide for the UK, these standards are UK specific, set out expectations on vehicle recycler standards, the parts that can be re-used, the quality of parts and how parts should be quality graded. The standards also set out customer and repairer expectations along with recommendations on recycler staff training and assessment.

To give independent approval, scrutiny and audit  Salvage Wire can administer and audit these standards; giving the reassurance to vehicle repairers, insurers and customers of the quality of the vehicle recycler, their processes, staff and the parts they are offering for sale.

Find out more by contacting Salvage Wire, and check out our website for more details about the services available and download free resources. 

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