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Monday, 23 April 2018

Free Dismantling Information for Vehicle Recyclers

Covering 70 vehicle manufacturers with region specific data for 40 countries and translated into 31 languages the International Dismantling Information System (IDIS) is an advanced and comprehensive information system for pre treatment and dismantling information for end of life vehicles.

The system contains safe handling information on High Voltage batteries, LPG vehicles and airbag technologies as well as oils, fuels, air conditioning and much more for legitimate vehicle recyclers across the world.

IDIS provides a user friendly navigation to an extensive database with practical information on pre-treatment, safety related issues like airbag deployment and handling of HV batteries, on potentially recyclable parts and other safety related elements mentioned in the EU ELV directive (e.g. lead in batteries or mercury and lead in electronic devices). The objective is to provide dismantling information for treatment operators and promote the environmentally sound treatment of ELV’s, safely and economically. 

Access to IDIS is free of charge for all vehicle recyclers, and once registered recyclers gain access to dismantling information and safety information for vehicles from 1974 right through to the latest models, systems and technologies available.

To access IDIS check out and become one of the over 6,000 users of the system that is helping vehicle recyclers across the world to safely dismantle vehicles and promote environmentally effective practices.

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