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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

When I first started driving I had to constantly maintain my car, checking oil levels, tyre pressures, water levels, tuning and more. A week never went past without me having to open the bonnet and get my hands dirty. Nowadays, all the systems are monitored electronically, and I get a warning on the dashboard when I need to top something up or have the car serviced; the bonnet of my car is opened occasionally, if at all, between services!
Future vehicle design may even dispense with the vehicle bonnet as full electric vehicles do not need such a large area to fit a power unit in so getting ‘under the hood’ may well become a think of the past.

This was brought home in very graphic detail as I walked past a Tesla showroom last week, a display there had a cut away floor plan of the Tesla Model S showing both the electric motors and the large floor area where the 600kg battery would sit.

The two compact electric motors can power the model S from 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds and to a top speed in excess of 150mph. 

Rapid changes in vehicle design and technology are impacting vehicle technicians and vehicle recyclers, and many do not understand the severe dangers that these vehicles pose, especially after they have been involved in an accident or incident.
Every member of staff in a vehicle recycler needs to be aware of the potential dangers and how they can minimise the risks these vehicles pose; the best way to learn about these risks is to attend the Salvage Wire, WAMITAB accredited, Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid Training. This training can take place at your premises, or you can join Salvage Wire at one of their regular training days around the UK - the next one is Thursday 19 April in Southampton and there are a very small number of spaces still available.

To find out when Salvage Wire will be in your area, or book one of our trainers for a full day training at your business then contact Salvage Wire via our website

Salvage Wire - Helping automotive recyclers become leaders in their industry

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